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The Positive Birth Book – A new approach to pregnancy, birth and the early weeks.

by Milli Hill


Are you pregnant for the first time or are you looking for more resources this time around? This book is absolutely packed with non-biased real-deal information!

It’s full of bite-size nuggets of information and brilliantly illustrated with graphics and pictures. Milli’s wealth of knowledge is enhanced by even more resources throughout the book. Womens voices are heard throughout the book which is something that is so encouraging.


In an age where fear is hovering over the childbirth through the media, news and the impact of dramatic and fearful TV shows, this book does the opposite. The Positive Birth Book lives up to it’s name but in a realistic sense. Milli covers everything and anything to do with pregnancy, childbirth and the early weeks. No type of birth is portrayed better than another and Milli shares hundreds of tools to provide options for every stage along the way. She is also really funny and I found the book to be totally reader-friendly.

Check out the Positive Birth Movement and see if there is a local group near you. I try to make it along to the Tooting PBM monthly meet ups. They are free and the same topic is discussed around the world at the many PBM groups that is a growing movement. You can also find your local group on Facebook and request to join.


Perinatal Positivity

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An animated film to help families safeguard their mental health in the time before, during and after childbirth. #perinatalmentalhealth

Connected, by Lina Duncan

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Looking back gratefully with fondness and moving onwards in the birth world I am reflecting on the value of being connected, as a birthkeeper and as a doula, the power of networking, that’s something I am good at.

Continuity That Crosses Cultures, by Lina Duncan

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It was so much more rewarding to work in the model of continuity, the recognition, the smile of friendship, even in the throws of labour.

Gentle Birth of Baby Mikhael

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Birth India talks of how important her Doula Lina Duncan was for her during the birth of her baby.