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What is a Birth Doula?

A birth doula is someone who you choose to walk the journey of pregnancy and childbirth alongside you. You can book a birth doula at any stage in pregnancy, the earlier you decide, the longer the support!

A birth doula supports the whole family, including your partner and any siblings and other family and friends whom you invite to be a part of your birth experience. I believe everyone should have access to a birth companion, and especially those who are most vulnerable according to race, gender and socio-economic status. Having lived in Asia and experiencing the honour to work with many nationalities I have witnessed many cultural traditions and ceremonies surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting. I speak various languages and dream that each person can access a doula that suits their preference.

A doula enhances a woman’s ability to feel comfortable and safe during the perinatal period (pregnancy through to early parenting). Lina does her utmost to “hold the space” around the person and their partner (if they have one) and any other companions so that they can remain in the right zone to birth their baby safely and smoothly. This may be in a highly medical situation in hospital, or in their own home. Doulas support all preferences for birth, from homebirth to elective caesarean and everything in between.

“Having Lina by my side made the birth of my second (a VBAC*) a lot more manageable. She gave me confidence and solace…” – Emma 2011
*Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

“Birth matters! It certainly mattered to me and so I decided to have a supported birth with midwives. Today, when I re-call both the births that I have had there is a sense of immense joy and ecstasy that I feel within.

Much of what I feel about my birthing experience is because I found such an excellent support in Lina, she supported me all throughout my pregnancy and labours.

My first birth was quick but the second one was over 24 hours at 41+5 weeks of gestation. My second birth could go as planned just because my midwives were there by my side all throughout. The confidence, belief and positivity they gave in the birthing process helped me get what I wanted and what every woman deserves… a positive birth!!” – Mansi 2014, 2015

What is a Postnatal Doula?

Having a baby is exciting. The pregnancy is a build up to the birth. Some women have family or close friends nearby and a network of support is a strong factor in their life. “It takes a village” is a well-known phrase for being surrounded by a community that helps us grow our children together.

In the west we have mostly lost this beneficial way of life and often women find themselves quite stranded and alone, with a tiny human being and a complete life-altering state of parenting.

“I coudn’t have asked for any thing more comforting and reassuring than to be in the care of such highly professional and compassionate women for the birth of my second born son. Nhing and Lina were calm, confident and ensured I had an absolutely fearless, powerful, uninhibited and safe home birthing experience in a water pool. My family and I feel blessed for having crossed paths with Lina for she transformed the experience of birthing from being painful to being empowering.” – Padmaja 2013

A postnatal doula rocks up at your home as many times a week that works for you. You decide what you want and need for support. This may change each day. Often it’s a cup of tea and a listening ear, someone to tell your joys and struggles to. Doulas have varying skills to offer, including practical support.

Before the baby arrives it’s good to meet a few doulas and see who is a good fit. If I’m your chosen postnatal doula, then we sit and work out what days you would like me to come and timings and things that may be helpful to your unique situation.

How does it work?

I will meet you for a free, no-obligation meeting, usually about 60-90 minutes to see if I am the right fit for you. I will give you details of what is available as a bespoke doula package tailor made to your exact needs and what that will cost.

Then I will document everything in a contract and upon booking I ask for half the fee to be transferred. The rest of the payment should be completed before I go on call at 38 weeks.